About Us

Welcome to PINNACLE 1-DIRECTION OVERSEAS EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY Pvt Ltd, a top-tier educational consultancy. I am delighted to know that you are considering us to help you achieve your career goals in the field of Medicine.Medical Education in Europe is nothing less than a dream come true. 

My team and I understand that your aspiration for Medical Education abroad is to improve career prospects, job satisfaction and to perceive intellectual challenges.We assure you of customized solutions that will match your dreams and goals and are certain to assist you in every possible aspect of a smooth and seamless process.

A majority of our current candidates are actual referrals from our previous associations , which is in itself, a powerful testimony to our caliber and services.

Dr. Raghu Mahadevan, Founder & CEO ,M.D Physician, Berlin, Germany

Our Story

Since 2009, Dr. Raghu began his extensive study and research on the European and Asian Medical education system.He is an NRI since 2013 and based on his own experience as a medical student in Moscow ( Russia )from 2000 to 2007 and with continuous feedback from UG and PG medical students in India, Europe, Russia and China, he better understood the process and strategies, living conditions, documentation and other legal affairs overseas.With confidence, Dr.Raghu arrived in Germany in 2015 under a work visa. Hence Pinnacle 1-Direction which was a Manpower Agency for medical professionals since 2013 was transformed into Overseas Medical educational consultancy with the corporate Identity number: U74999TN2018PTCI21205.

Why Us?

At Pinnacle 1-Direction, you will experience a complete hassle-free transition from India to overseas. Our processed are simplified, structured and customized to suit your needs. More importantly, our offers are designed at reasonable rates.We offer a highly efficient support system for career counseling, admissions, placement and financial assistance.Our services encompass a reasonable service charge that includes registration and consultation.we organize end-to-end services for all registered candidates.Our company believes in customer loyalty services. We ensure that every registered candidate receives the right counseling and guidance along their career path.


Our Vision

  • To enable global education by empowering young and wise minds.
  • To achieve optimal progress for those seeking a better career path, in the field of medicine and research.
  • Our objective is to favor those with a heart to learn and a mind to conquer!
  • We aim at delivering a complete hassle free transition from India to overseas
  • Our processes are simplified, structured and customized to suit your needs


Our Mission

To achieve targeted placements and professional development in the field of medicine
To gain insight into the latest medical developments across Europe, Russia, and China
To allocate suitable language programs and medical residency placements
To find suitable medical fellowship programs
To provide complete guidance in visa processing

Our team


Dr.Tushar Deschchougule M.B.B.S, D.G.O

Senior Analyst
Senior Consultant ( OBG ) 
Ministry of health
Male , Maldives 


Mr.K.Prabakaran B.Sc (Agri)

State Bank of India 
Chief Manager SBI ( Retd )
Madurai, India 


Dr.David Deepak M.D

Director ( Aanbu Hospitals)
Associate Professor ( Emergency Medicine) 
Vellammal Medical College,
Madurai, India 


Dr.A. Mike Carlson M.D, Phd

​Senior project consultant ( RUSSIA )
Consultant,Cardio- Thoracic ( Dept )
Saint Petersburg state medical university. Russia


Dr Duraisamy M.D, (physician)

Senior Consultant- China


Ms.Franziska Ulbricht

Project manager (Germany)


Mr.Markus Ammon

Medical communication Online trainer Expert : German


Ms. Evgeniya

Educational Consultant-Moscow, Russia



P.R.O ( medical specialist program ) English, French, German, Creole, Hindi.


Mr.Michael Schmitz

Founder, Smarter German- Berlin,

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