Opting for a graduate medical program ( M.b.b.s in China )is a wonderful opportunity for medical aspirants as it opens gates for their bright future. Asia’s second largest country is a preferred place for students to pursue medical studies, especially a degree course of MBBS. The country serves as a hub for medical studies as well as updated medical courses and has various provisions keeping the requirements for students in mind.

Why do Medical Studies from China?

Being the largest population of the world, China pays close attention to the education of the students and aims at providing quality education with world-class facilities. Due to the flexible policies and ease of admission, China is the first choice for medical students looking for MBBS courses abroad.

  1. A wide range of Institutes Since medicine is one of the focus areas of China, the government makes sure there are enough reputed medical institutes to provide the required education that one needs for fulfilling his/her medical dreams. As a result, there are more than 40 medical institutes recognized by the government which trains students into exceptional doctors. Not only that, but all of these medical colleges accept international students every year. Thus, any student can easily make an approach to study MBBS in China. Also, most of the medical colleges in China are ranked among the top 500 Medical colleges of the world which are another great reason to pursue medical courses in China.
  2. You’re not the only one One might feel alienated when planning to move abroad for higher studies but taking an MBBS admission in China won’t have the same effect on you. The reason for that is many of the medical institutes are open to international students, thus every year more than 10,000 students’ move to China in order to pursue higher medical studies.
  3. Multi-Linguistic Approach The language barrier tops the list of concerns when going out of the country and thus the place one chooses might solely depend upon the common language spoken there. In China, though the common language spoken is Chinese, the government recognized medical institutions have their whole curriculum structure set in English medium. Thus, language won’t be a big issue if you have opted China for medical studies.
  4. Budget friendly – Budget is a fundamental factor in choosing any particular medical college. Going abroad for higher studies rings a bell about the expenses incurred and one might find it pretty pricey but the reason students consider China for medical studies is that of its economic education and accommodation. The tuition fees and accommodation round up to 3.5 lakhs per annum in the top-rated universities. Besides the tuition fee, the cost of living is also low as compared to the European countries. Any student can survive easily in China with INR 25000-35000 for a month.
  5. Standardized and Quality Education – Being one of the strongest economies in the world, the Chinese government sets aside a high budget for education and thus, the standards on which the institutions are based are constantly revised. One can observe from the general trend that the medical institutions in China are practically based which automatically imply that the labs, facilities, and infrastructure is latest and constantly kept up-to-date to make sure the students don’t miss out on any aspect of medical education. The curriculum of an MBBS degree in China usually spans over four and half years where four semesters are totally dedicated to the theory, developing the concept and inculcating the various fundamentals of medicine whereas the rest 5 semesters are focused towards the practical implementation and hands-on experience for all round development.
  6. Ease of admission – The main perk of opting medical education in China is the ease of admission. The process is a cakewalk and doesn’t require a queue of gruesome entrance exams to be cleared. A common SET (Standard Entrance Test) is sufficient to get admission. The exam covers all the basic concepts of science one would have studied in high school. The admission in Medical Universities of China is direct and has nothing to do with the donation. Since no cumbersome process and examinations are present, the competition isn’t very high and the chances of getting selected for in the medical institute are very high. Also, those who are not able to clear medical entrance exam in India, China is the place for you.

Important documents required to do a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Medicine from China

  • The student must have cleared the examinations of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (optional) with English as one of the majors in high school/12th standard with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Passing Certificate of 10th and 12th and School Leaving Certificate are required as a proof.
  • The application letter or the acceptance letter from the University/College for Visa proceedings.
  • Valid Student Visa for China. One can apply for Chinese Visa from the China Embassy in their respective country. Remember, it is necessary to have the application letter from the college in order to verify the purpose of moving to China.
  • Some other documents one would require after reaching China are Resident Permit of China and Police Registration document of China.

Why is Studying MBBS in China better than any other country?

Well, there are so many benefits which you can enjoy while studying MBBS in China. Some of them are given as follow:-

  • The government keeps an eye on education standards in China, which nominates higher education fees.
  • China offers cheap yet efficient medical courses as compared to other countries.
  • Standard of education is higher in China.
  • High-tech labs and modern classrooms are available for practicing medicine.
  • The selection process is hassles free.
  • International Medical Courses and other medical programs are taught in English.
  • Many High-Tech Medical universities are available to select from.
  • Cost of education and cost of living is almost 50% less as compared to other European countries.

How can Pinnacle1 Direction assist you in studying Medicine from China?

The team at Pinnacle is well aware of the requirements and important aspects regarding admissions in Chinese Medical Universities. Thus, it can help you choose the right college according to your budget and requirements to help you make the best out of it. We have experienced counselors which will guide you at every step of your journey until you step in the college and begin with your classes.

Not only that, but the team here will spare you from the tiresome procedure of documentation and make your path smooth. The constant assistance and guidance of the experts will not only prepare you for the journey ahead but also make sure you reach your destination.


Admission open for 2017/2018 

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China offers international students an affordable fee for all medical studies. Top medical universities charge an approximate of Rs.3.5 lakhs /year for both education and accommodation. Moreover, the admission processes are too easy and convenient to ignore.

Once you’ve met the requirements of the teaching program and passed the examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the University. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). International students can take your graduate diploma and required documents to the embassy of your home country for accreditation if needed.

Attractive scholarships are available for international students and can be availed right after the student successfully completes his/her first year.

Chinese universities have comparatively lesser admission regulations and documentation needs compared to other countries including India.

China’s medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. They’re highly reputed for having programs being taught in English causing many young medical aspires to pursue a higher education in China Here, each university will develop its own featured teaching system and course schedule based on the national standard regulations.

The country hosts an easy and smooth way of living with minimal costs. Students can avail of fully furnished, air conditioned and secured hostel facilities
International ambiance: Although the country boasts of a rich and ancient culture, modern China offers an international ambiance, thus providing it’s students a top class English faculty to fulfill their medical dreams.

High standard of labs and advanced technology. F.M.G.E coaching centers are available inside college campus as well as in private schools. The affiliated hospital where students undertake internships belong to Grade III, Level A, and are equipped with the most advanced international-standard medical instruments.

Despite its cultural richness, China offers very international ambiance to its guests. Universities are engaging faculty with English speaking background to conduct classes for foreign students as well.

Medical Colleges in China

Qindago University

The Qingdao University’s origins may be traced as far back as 1909. Today QU is recognized as one of the best comprehensive universities in Shandong Province and is a member of the national “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”. Qingdao University consists of 25 faculties and departments and offers courses in 11 main academic disciplines. QU runs 104 Undergraduate degree programs, 209 master’s degree programs, 127 Doctoral degree programs, and 15 post-doctorate mobile stations in addition to the 7 professional master’s degree programs in Law, Business Management, Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Dentistry and Public Administration respectively. 

QU has established international exchange programs with over 20 universities in 50 countries. QU manages 25 colleges offering 73 specialties in undergraduate programs

Sun Yat-sen University

The Sun Yat-sen University can unique boast that students from over 100 countries come to it for their studies. Also known as the Zhongshan University, it is ranked among the top 10 universities in mainland China. Sun Yat-sen is said to have studied here and engaged in revolutionary activities.

The Sun Yat-sen University has many international university rankings to its credit. It is 7thnationwide in Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2015), 6th nationwide in the Academic Ranking of World Universities and 8th nationwide in U.S. News Global University Ranking 2015


Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is one of the earliest modern academies of higher learning established in China. In its 5 campuses, it runs 113 specialties for undergraduate studies, 324 programs in masters degrees and, 41 (252) programs in primary (secondary)discipline doctoral degree. 

Under its wings are 14 State Key (specialized) Laboratories, 1 national Engineering Laboratory, 2 National Engineering Research Centers and 3 National Engineering Technology Centers. Besides, it has set up 14 (21) primary (secondary) Disciplines for National Leading Academic Disciplines, and 47 post-doctor stations. 

Zhejiang University is popular for the assiduous study and research, and science and technological innovation. It is also an institution that has made plenty of important achievements in science, technology, humanities and social sciences. The university is always catering to national and regional need, is one of the highly funded universities in China and, is pursuing over a hundred projects under research.


Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The SHUTCM is one of the best universities in China for Chinese Traditional Medicine. It holds a record of sorts in accumulating awards and recognitions. The university has made it to the Project 211 list for top national universities. The Shanghai University is celebrated as the “National Excellent College of Undergraduate Education”. It is also the first university of Traditional Chinese Medicine to receive this and other awards including the ISO 9001 2000, CNAB Certificate of China and RAB certificate of the USA among others. It also owns the honor of having been entrusted off the International Education College by none other than WHO.

The university is known for its academic leadership. It has 19 subsidiary colleges and 5 affiliated research institutions. The university is also one of the best funded. It ranks the 13th in China, 411-420 in the world QS World University Rankings, 75th in Asia and 15th in China. The SHUTCM holds a place in 51-60 globally and is the 1st in China in the global young university rankings.


Liaoning Medical University

The Liaoning Medical University is recognised by World Health Organization WHO. It has 16 teaching departments, 98 teaching offices, 56 teaching laboratories, 4 affiliated comprehensive hospitals and 169 bases for teaching and practice. The school boasts of 5 comprehensive hospitals and 169 teaching and practice bases. Well know are its 14 branches of learning, 49 specialized undergraduate subjects, 3 key subjects of provincial level, 1 provincial-level key laboratory, and 5 provincial-level key medical specialties.

The College of International Education (CIE) was established in April 2004 as a part of the International Exchange Department (IED) of Liaoning Medical University. The university’s curriculum comprises 21 specialized undergraduate subjects, 32 master’s degree programs, and 1 doctor degree program.


Shandong University of Science and Technology

The Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST) has 3 campuses. SDUST comprises 16 academic colleges, 9 departments and 1 independent college offering 5 post-doctoral research stations, 3 level-1 doctoral programs with 24 disciplines/specialties conferring doctor’s degrees, 7 disciplines with Taishan Scholar professors of Shandong Province, 12 level-1 master’s degree programs with 77 disciplines/specialties conferring master’s degrees, 14 domains conferring master of engineering degrees, and 72 undergraduate programs.

The University also boasts 1 state key discipline (under cultivation), 27 provincial/ministerial key disciplines (laboratories), 1 provincially-strengthened research base of humanities and social sciences, 1 Qingdao City key laboratory, 1 engineering research center of the Ministry of Education, 7 provincial-level research centers of engineering and technology. 


China Pharmaceutical University (CPU)

The China Pharmaceutical University is China’s first independent school of pharmacy. It is also ranked 1 in the discipline. The CPU is considered one of China’s best universities in pharmacy. The university is also affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education under its Project 211 endeavor. 

Under the CPU’s wings operate 6 schools, 4 independent departments and 5 key labs and centers at state or provincial levels. The university offers 20 bachelor’s degree programs, 29 master’s programs, 24 doctoral programs and 6 post-doctoral fellowship programs. CPU has exchange agreements with medical institutions in over 30 countries and with research institutions and universities in over 40 countries.


North China Electric Power University

The North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) is a multi-disciplinary, research-oriented, and high-level international university with distinguished features. It is a national Project 211 key university. NCEPU has 10 schools dealing with 2 national key subjects (Power System and Automation, and Thermal Power Engineering), 23 provincial key subjects, 5 centers for post-doctoral studies, 5 fist-level disciplines and 30 second-level disciplines authorized to offer Ph.D. Degree, and 23 first-level disciplines and 123 second-level disciplines authorized to offer Master Degree. 


Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University takes in students through its 2 campuses and offers 23 undergraduate programs, 22 doctorate programs, 59 master programs, and 2 authorized master degree specialties.

Its network also includes 1 stomatological hospital, 26 clinical teaching hospitals, and 10 affiliated hospitals, of which 9 are ranked among the first-rank hospitals.

FMU is research-centric and hosts 1 post-doctor clinical research centre, 65 research institutions, 2 provincial “Project 211” key disciplines, 13 provincial key disciplines, 8 disciplines of prior development designated by Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, 6 key disciplines at school level, 6 provincial key medical specialties, 5 provincial leading specialties with medical characteristics and 3 key laboratories.


South China University of Technology

The South China University of Technology stands among the 33 National Key Universities which come under the direct administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The SCUT has and continues to reap big rankings making its stand as a major educator clear in the international arena. The SCUT was rated “excellent” during the Undergraduate Teaching Assessment and was among the first “Excellent Universities of Undergraduate Education” in the country. It holds 300-400th in the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and among 400-450th in the 2014 Best Global Universities Rankings, 300-400th among world universities according to the 2014 ARWU. The SCUT is a member of Project 985 and Project 211 and leads in many other global rankings in education. 


Jiamisu Medical University

The Jiamisu Medical University was founded in 1947. Currently, it features among the list of key universities to receive special support from Heilongjiang Government. Offered are post-graduate education, general higher education, higher vocational and technical education, adult education (continuing education) and doctorate degree program.

The university manages 26 colleges, a department directly under the university and 69 research institutes offering 10 disciplines. 

Jiamusi University has undertaken some large-scale and highly sophisticated national projects from National Projects “973” and Projects “863”, 

The JMU has friendly relations with 32 colleges and universities from 13 countries and regions. Students from 51 countries pursue their studies here.