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Doctors, here we come! The German Language is no more have to stay just in your fantasies. We are making it a reality by supporting doctors to save time & learn at home or travel. At, PINNACLE 1-DIRECTION we hold your hand tight to let you walk gently through the journey of “studying Post graduation medicine in Germany ” to turn your vision into sheer reality. A very proud moment for us to have a genuine affiliation with SMARTER GERMAN and we are glad to work together with Mr.Michael and provide a platform for doctors who are interested to learn the German language.With the holistic environment, SMARTER GERMAN doesn’t just teach you German, they give you a learning model ‘ the smarterGerman Cycle ‘ that works for all levels and for any material. It grows with you, and can be used long after you reach B1 level. It is the perfect approach for time and cost conscious learners who strive for utmost independence in their German learning/studies. Post-graduation medical program in Germany is nothing less than a dream come true. We bring together under one roof everything that will make your medical expedition to Germany easier.


How Pinnacle1- Direction can assist you in studying German language with ease ?

If you are planning to start your medical career in Germany and don’t know from where to start? Then Pinnacle 1 direction can assist you in solving all your queries. We have tie ups with some of the top educational providers and we can provides excellent online German courses, for both undergraduate and post-graduate students who are willing to invest their time. SIGN UP using our portal with a lucid procedure and feasible tuition fees are the main attractions for doctors and undergraduate student to learn the language on their own convenient time and therefore it makes sure that language isn’t a barrier for them. To find out if you are suitable enough to study medicine in Germany, you can either contact our consultancy expert or submit your free online application to us. You can also avail the benefit of Skype .coaching where we will help you in clearing all your doubts regarding online German language with smarter German.

German free video lessons

Enjoy streamlined and precise instruction with our 12 German free video lessons: we teach useful German in an effective and lasting way.

Learning German can become easy if you find the right method. The free online videos will help you with your first steps and to give you an impression of our system to teach smarterGerman.